August 20th, 2020 — Dear all, just to let you know we are safe at PPI. The Meyers Fire to our west is doing better, and the Walbridge Fire to our east is generally not moving a lot this way. We stay vigilant, including waking shifts all night, since things can change suddenly, but feel OK right now, and are fortunate to have clear skies and cooler weather today. Please keep in your prayers the fire-fighters throughout CA who are dealing with this situation for days on end, often in boiling heat, and now also spread too thin. We are very grateful to our local volunteer fire department for their unbelievable work on the Meyers Fire, and are doing what we can to support them by providing meals. And our prayers go to all beings — human and animal — affected by fire, smoke, the pandemic, and losing their homes. May all beings be safe and happy!