Changes in view of COVID19 situation: we regret that we can no longer take registrations for any events…

but we will refund anyone who has already paid.

Because we live and practise here as a community anyway, we of course will continue to do twice-daily puja and the tsogs, and will hold the 3-day Throma event at Easter as scheduled. Our hope is to be able to livestream that event, at least in part, for anyone who wishes to participate remotely.

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with everyone, and we pray for those facing considerable challenges around their own health or that of loved ones, or due to financial or other crises. Jigme Rinpoche says it is always good to do Tara practice during times such as these, and hopes that for those who have the option, extra practise time can happen. Please everyone stay well rested and hydrated! With love and best wishes from the Ati Ling PPI community (which also includes a number of longer-term wonderful Workaway volunteers)