Event Canceled: Chagdud Khadro at PPI 2022

Event Canceled: Chagdud Khadro at PPI 2022

Sat 4th – Sun 5th June

<<Notice: This event has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We look forward to hosting Chagdud Khadro sometime in the neat future.>>

We are delighted to welcome Chagdud Khadro back to PPI in June, when she will offer Buddha Amitabha empowerment and teachings. This retreat will be offered both on-line (apart from empowerment) and in-person.  

Many Buddhist masters in both the Sutrayana and Mahayana traditions have aspired to rebirth in Dewachen, Buddha Amitabha’s Pureland of Great Bliss, and they have encouraged their followers to likewise so aspire. Rebirth in Dewachen assures accomplishment of all qualities of enlightened body, speech and mind, as well as immeasurable benefit to all beings.
The two days of Amitabha practice will include teachings on end-of-life preparation, on the meaning of the Pureland, and on the sadhana itself, a treasure text revealed by Terton Dudjom Lingpa. The sadhana links the relative and ultimate understanding of Amitabha in clear, poetic language. Chagdud Khadro will offer the Amitabha empowerment, which, in 1997, she was authorized to give by Chagdud Rinpoche. Accomplishment of this sadhana ensures great peace of mind at the moment of death, and blessings in the transitions that follow.

COSTS AS BELOW INCLUDE: Meals and overnight accommodations (no commuting at this time) for Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

If you would like to stay overnight on Friday or Sunday, there is an additional $35 (dorm) or $45 (Tara House) charge for room and breakfast.

Note: Tara House has separate bathrooms for men and women and these bathrooms are shared. A ‘double’ means two people per room and the cost is per person. Tara House rooms are limited, and will be removed from booking options once they are all reserved. 

Complete Event   Overnight in Dormitories Overnight in Private Room with Shared Bath
Single Double
CGF Member   $125 $200 $165
Standard Price   $140 $245 $200

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for both online and in-person. See form below.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY  Please note that for any cancellation within 7 or fewer days of the event start a charge of $25 per event day will be deducted from the refund. Thank you!