Ati Ling is located in an area of outstanding beauty and quiet, with a friendly community dedicated to spiritual practice. When volunteers help here, not only can they find some immediate benefit for themselves by taking a break from their normal routine, but they are also contributing to the maintenance of this center as a place of refuge for all.

Please consider joining us for an afternoon or a weekend! While ongoing commitments are welcomed, there is no obligation to return. Your time at Ati Ling is a precious opportunity to explore mindfulness, meditation and service in the midst of a supportive community.

Regardless of your strength or skills, there is always something to help with at Ati Ling. Outdoors, you can work in the garden or on maintenance, and also on butterlamp cleaning and filling. Indoors, you can help in the kitchen, shrine-room, or with general housekeeping. Room and board are generally available, or you can pitch a tent if you prefer.

If you would like to come for a few hours or an overnight stay to help the resident sangha with center upkeep, and join us for puja, please call us at (707) 632 5629 or email us.

Depending on Jigme Rinpoche’s schedule, there may also be the opportunity to meet with him for an interview — if this is an important part of your plan to volunteer, please check ahead by email.