Study and Practice

Tibetan Buddhism comprises a vast range of teachings and practices, from the Theravadan schools of Buddhism all the way through to the deity yoga and dzogchen/mahamudra practices of Vajrayana. We are fortunate at Ati Ling to have a resident teacher like Jigme Tromge Rinpoche who is well-versed in both the ritual arts as well as in the teachings on formal sitting meditation and practice.

If you wish to learn about meditation, or are interested in taking up the studies and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, or have already established some practices and want to know more, please contact us to discuss your interests or questions. Although Ati Ling is in essence a Tibetan Buddhist center, those who wish to learn more about general meditation forms are always most welcome, and can be provided ample support, from oral instruction to reading materials. Jigme Rinpoche is very accessible for interviews by phone, by email or in person (preferred) and is widely-known for his patient, kind and incisive guidance.

Ati Ling has an excellent library of dharma books, with titles for everyone from complete beginners to more advanced practitioners, as well as covering broader themes of Asian arts and architecture. To browse our catalog, or if you are a local, to set up an account, see our online library catalog.

The resident sangha are all engaged with regular practice, including daily puja, and are also encouraged to learn as much as possible about the Tibetan Vajrayana ritual arts — music, dance, fine arts — that are an extraordinary physical/sensorial manifestation of pure meditation. Studying and practising together with other people on the path is a very supportive way to learn and make progress, especially at the beginning, and you are invited to join the sangha for pujas and special events, as well as on a volunteering basis if you wish.