Rigdzin Dupa Drubchod

Rigdzin Dupa Drubchod

Fri 6th – Sun 8th June 2014
with Jigme Tromge Rinpoche

The Rigdzin Düpa sadhana belongs to the Longchen Nyingthig (Heart Essence of the Great Expanse) cycle, which relates primarily to the teachings of Dzogchen. This cycle was bestowed upon Jigme Lingpa (1729-1798) through a series of three visions  he had of the great master Longchen Rabjampa (1308-1363), and was soon propagated throughout Tibet, becoming one of the most influential lineages of the Nyingma tradition that continues to this day.
For more information on Jigme Lingpa, see: http://rywiki.tsadra.org/index.php/Jigme_Lingpa

His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche received transmission of the Longchen Nyingthig cycle from both Khenpo Dorje and Tromge Tulku Arig, and practised it extensively during the years that he lived and traveled in Asia, while Jigme Tromge Rinpoche in turn received the transmission from his father Chagdud Rinpoche and from Khenpo Ngagchung.

The Rigdzin Düpa itself forms the Inner Guru practice (of the Outer, Inner, Secret and Innermost Secret Guru practices) of the Peaceful Male Vidyadhara sadhanas. Jigme Rinpoche has held the Rigdzin Düpa sadhana for the basis of the annual one-month Dzogchen  retreat in Brazil, and it has been practised as a 100,000 tsog offerings retreat by Ati Ling for about ten years. In 2004 we were honored to have His Eminence Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche bestow the empowerment and lead the retreat for the first time at PPI.

This year Jigme Rinpoche will once again lead the 100,000 Tsog Offerings Rigdzin Dupa retreat.  All are welcome to participate.

Empowerment is required to attend the retreat.
Texts required for the drubchod are Rigdzin Dupa, Galaxy of Heartdrops and Protectors, all of which are available for sale at PPI’s Lotus Light store.

TIME: The retreat will begin on Friday morning at 9.15am and end on Sunday evening around 6pm.

COSTS: Per person per day (includes meals, tsog feast, accommodation). Day-only includes just lunch.

Early Bird discounts end May 27th, after which prices go up  $10/day

Day-only Overnight
in dorms
Overnight in private rm, shared bath
CGF Member $40 $50 $85 single occupancy / $65 double occupancy
Non-CGF member $50 $60 $95 single occupancy / $75 double occupancy


CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY  Please note that for any cancellation within 7 or fewer days of the event start a charge of $25 per event day will be deducted from the refund. Thank you!

TO REGISTER, or reserve a room in Tara House please call the treasurer at 415-663-9421.

OFFERINGS  During intensive practice retreats, we make offerings of tsog and butterlamps. Tsog is a most profound method of purification and for gaining realization. Offering tsog and butterlamps are said to be two of the most effective ways for accumulating merit through generosity, and for occasions where we are doing a practice due to the kindness of great lamas like Chagdud Rinpoche, it is particularly beneficial to make such offerings as a way to strengthen present and future connections with true masters. All dedications will be read during the pujas. Those who are unable to attend retreat but would still like to make offerings are also welcome to do so. Butterlamps are $1.50 each; tsog offerings can be in any amount.

There are several ways to make offerings:
1) with secure credit card donation processing online at www.padmapeace.org
 (use Donate Now button below, and from the pull-down “Program Designation”, select tsog or butterlamps.
2) by mailing a check made out to ‘Ati Ling’
3) by calling the treasurer on 415-663-9421 to arrange payment by credit card.