Shamatha Meditation Retreat

Shamatha Meditation Retreat

Fri 14th – Sun 16th June 2013
Calm-Abiding Meditation
Teaching and Practice

Taking basic sitting meditation as the starting point, Jigme Tromge Rinpoche will teach a series of contemplations and meditation techniques based on a 19th-century Tibetan text by Tromge Terton Drimed Khakyod. Although broadly described as instruction on shamatha (‘calm abiding’ meditation), these practices have considerable range and profundity. Each technique, clearly and succinctly explained, focuses on a different aspect of practice – for example, one-pointed concentration, compassion, understanding of relative and absolute reality and so forth. As we progress through the teachings, familiarizing ourselves with the specific practices, our dharma foundation is strengthened. Over time, we gain the confidence to focus on the practice we need at any moment, in any situation, to greater benefit.

The teachings are open to everyone regardless of their level of knowledge or practice, and will be as relevant to experienced practitioners as to beginners. The retreat will include extended silent sittings based on the teachings and also practice of the Guru Rinpoche sadhana ‘Shower of Blessings’ (no empowerment required). For those with the empowerments for Chagdud Gonpa Daily Practices, please bring your sadhanas so you can participate in daily puja too.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please call (707) 632-5629 or email to let us know you will be coming, where you want to stay, and what your first and last meals will be.

TIME: 9.30am Friday to 5.30pm Sunday. Four thuns (sessions) a day starting early morning.

COST: $15 per day to cover food and dormitory accommodations. For private room accommodations in Tara House the cost is $35 per day. Please pay on arrival.

ACCOMMODATIONS: For all accommodations, dorm or Tara House, please bring your own bedding (ie sleeping bag/comforter, pillow, towel etc).

OFFERINGS: During intensive practice retreats, we make offerings of tsog and butterlamps. Tsog is a most profound method of purification and for gaining realization. Offering tsog and butterlamps are said to be two of the most effective ways for accumulating merit through generosity. All dedications will be read during the pujas. Those who are unable to attend retreat but would still like to make offerings are also welcome to do so. Butterlamps are $1.50 each; tsog offerings can be in any amount.

There are several ways to make offerings:
1) with secure credit card donation processing online at
 (use Donate Now button below, and from the pull-down “Program Designation”, select tsog or butterlamps.
2) by mailing a check made out to ‘Ati Ling’
3) by calling us on (707) 632-5629 to arrange payment by credit card.