Past rivers and vineyards, through the woods…

Take Hwy 101 north past Santa Rosa and exit on River Road / Mark West Springs.

Go west over the freeway onto River Road. Continue on this road through Guerneville (last stop for gas stations) and Monte Rio. The road becomes Hwy 116 West.

About 20 minutes out of Guerneville, you will cross a bridge with a sign on the right for ‘Cazadero’. Turn right on Cazadero Highway and continue 6 miles to the town of Cazadero.

Just past Cazadero is a STOP sign and the road forks uphill to the left onto Fort Ross Road. Continue for 6 miles till you reach a large white house on the left (there are almost no houses on this road, so this is easy to spot!) A few minutes later you pass the junction with Brain Ridge Road, and then reach our driveway on the left, and guardrails and large signs also on the left.

Continue down 2 miles till you reach a cluster of buildings, and a STOP sign on a side wall. Our office is on the far end of the building on your right.