Phowa Retreat with Chagdud Khadro 2015

Phowa Retreat with Chagdud Khadro 2015

 Sat 6th – Sun 7th June 2015

P’howa accomplishment ensures that we won’t die in a state of spiritual uncertainty and drift helplessly in the after-death bardo. It provides a consummate method to help others at the time of their death.

Whether you are new to p’howa or have practised before, this is an invaluable opportunity to gather with other sangha under the guidance of a qualified p’howa teacher. The practice of p’howa is the extraordinary Vajrayana method for attaining rebirth in Amitabha Buddha’s pure realm. P’howa means transferring consciousness from one state to another. At the moment of death, the skillful means of the “p’howa of the three recognitions” allows us to direct our consciousness out of our body into the exalted environment of Amitabha’s enlightened mind. Meditative realization and bodhisattva capacity then increases to their fullest potential.

In the mandala of the Five Buddha Families, Amitabha is Lord of the Padma (Lotus) family, associated with the qualities of enlightened speech, the activities of enlightened power, and the wisdom/awareness of discernment. Many traditions of Buddhism rely on Amitabha meditation, especially the practice of cultivating the causes to be reborn in Dewachen, his Western Pure Realm of Great Bliss.

All are invited to take the opportunity to come and sit with this remarkable and inspiring teacher for the weekend, in the peaceful retreat setting of PPI. Children welcome. For more information please write to

TIME: Drop-ins and partial attendance are not allowed for this retreat, due to the nature of these teachings and the training. The retreat will begin on Saturday morning at 9.00am and end on Sunday evening around 6pm. Please note that full-time attendance is required, including staying till late evening Saturday and starting around 8am on Sunday.
Saturday morning arrivals please note — there is a major event (SonomaPride) all weekend in Guerneville including a parade on Saturday morning. Please be sure to drive to PPI via the coast route from Petaluma, or plan to go through Guerneville early!
IMPORTANT: Retreatants can arrive on Friday evening after 7pm, although dinner will not be provided. Please notify us in good time so that we can plan for breakfast. However, it will not be possible to stay on after the end of the event, due to a group coming in the next day — we will begin clean-up on Sunday evening.

COSTS: Per person for whole weekend (includes event, meals and accomodations)
All prices go up $10 on May 26th!

  Overnight in Dormitories Overnight in Tara House Private Room with Shared Bath
Single Double
CGF Member $100 $170 $140
Non CGF Member $120 $190 $160

To register, or to reserve a room in the Tara House, please call the treasurer at 415-663-9421.

Cancellation and refund policy — Please note that for any cancellation within 7 or fewer days of the event start, a charge of $25 per event day will be deducted from the refund. Thank you!


OFFERINGS: Whether or not you are able to participate in this event, it is possible to make an offering for tsog or butterlamps, with prayers that auspicious conditions prevail for the flourishing of this practice and for the benefit of all beings. Butterlamps are $1.50 each; tsog offerings can be in any amount. There are several ways to make offerings:

Payment can be made by telephone or online (see below) To arrange an offering by phone, please call us on (707) 632 5629 during office hours to give your credit card details (do NOT leave this information on our voicemail)

Alternatively you can download the offerings PDF and mail with a check to: Ati Ling, 23125 Fort Ross Road, Cazadero, CA 95421. (This is where the offerings are made, so your request can be processed quickly).

We offer secure online credit card processing for making butterlamp (or tsog) offerings. Click below and you will be directed to the Padmasambhava Peace Institute’s secure payment site — the Institute handles all such offerings on Ati Ling’s behalf. International credit cards are also accepted. From the ‘Apply my donation to’ pull-down menu, select ‘Butterlamps’.

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Chagdud Khadro met His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche in 1978 in Nepal and they married in 1979. She was his devoted student for the next twenty-three years, going from Asia to North America to Brazil with Rinpoche, receiving constant training from him, both in organizing dharma activities and in the teaching and practice of Vajrayana.
At the time of her ordination as a lama in 1997, Rinpoche invested Khadro as the future Spiritual Director of Chagdud Gonpa Brasil. Since Rinpoche’s Parinirvana in 2002, Khadro has focused on maintaining the high calibre of Vajrayana training Rinpoche had established, continuing also her work with Padma Publishing and other editing and translation projects. Khadro supervises the activities and teaches in all the Chagdud Gonpa Brasil centers, and those of Chagdud Gonpa Hispanoamerica. She is involved in a number of educational and end-of-life spiritual care projects. And, just as Rinpoche brilliantly manifested a multitude of authentic and extraordinarily beautiful Buddhist structures at Khadro Ling, Chagdud Khadro guided the construction of the Zangdog Palri temple there, and more recently the Tara Garden, where 21 stone Taras reside. For more information on Chagdud Khadro and the Brazilian centers, please see