Statue Consecration Fall-Winter 2016

Statue Consecration Fall-Winter 2016

12/13/2016 — the consecration is complete! After many days of rolling mantras and preparing substances, the statues were filled and then consecrated this week. 

In the next couple of months Jigme Rinpoche will be preparing a number of statues at Ati Ling for consecration, and sangha members and friends are invited to send their own statues for consecrating during this time. The deadline for accepting statues is October 27th 2016.

When a statue is filled with sacred and precious substances and a qualified lama conducts the necessary pujas to purify the offerings and invoke the wisdom beings, the statue becomes a tangible embodiment of supreme enlightenment. It is imbued with the power to fully support someone’s practice and confer blessings upon practitioners, the environment and the wider community.

Traditionally, statues were not left empty for very long, as an unconsecrated statue is not really considered a proper object for practice. These days, statues in the West often go unconsecrated for much longer, because it is harder to find a master who has the qualities and knowledge required, and also it takes a long time to do the consecration properly. Therefore we encourage all sangha members to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your statue is fulfilling its intended purpose.

Substances placed inside the statue include the wooden ‘central channel’, precious or semi-precious jewels and precious metals, dutsi (blessing substances from ceremonies, retreats or relics of great masters such as hair, robes, etc), mantras, and so forth. It is also possible to include personal jewelry, including items received as a gift from a deceased loved one, to create a positive interdependence for the original owner.

Deadline for statues to arrive at PPI is October 27th 2016.
The consecration will be completed by mid-late November, and statues mailed out thereafter, which will be in time for Christmas for North American destinations. Please note other destinations may need to count on delivery for Losar 2017. A gift-wrapping option will be available at the time of shipping.
Note: Because the final ceremonies are done at the same time for all statues, it is not possible to prepare any statues for earlier completion.

Because of the expense of the substances used, a donation is requested for each statue. Because the larger the statue, the more items are needed for filling, a sliding rate of donation is suggested:
$65 for statue 6 inches or less
$100 for 6-9 inches,
$130 for 9-12 inches.
Please note that statue shipping charges, insurance and to and from PPI are in addition to this donation.

1) Make sure your statue base has a sticker or tag on securely giving your full name.
2) If the face is gilded or painted, cover with cotton wool and lightly secure with cloth or tape. Wrap the rest of the statue carefully, with any loose implements removed and wrapped separately. Pack the box fully so that items don’t move around in transit and cause dents or scratches. In the box, include a note with your name, address, email, phone number. If the statue is to be shipped elsewhere, please be sure to write ‘Ship to:…’ and let us know the item should be gift-wrapped (no extra charge).
3) If you wish to include any items of precious jewelry for inclusion in your statue, please be sure to use a small Ziploc bag with your name and statue description. If you wish to donate precious items for use in ALL statues being consecrated, eg a pearl or garnet necklace, please indicate this clearly.
4) If you did not already pay online (secure processor at please include a check or postal order made out to ‘Ati Ling’ with ‘Statue consecration’ in the memo, for the correct amount.
5) Send the statue and any items for filling by USPS or courier with whatever level of insurance you feel is needed – ideally replacement cost.
6) Email us after you ship. Please note we cannot be responsible for tracking items, but appreciate you letting us know when you believe the statue is due to arrive.

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BUYING A STATUE – a perfect Christmas or Losar gift for yourself or a loved one
If you do not currently have a statue to fill, but would like to purchase one, please consider choosing one from Lotus Light Gifts, the dharma items store operated by the Padmasambhava Peace Institute. Not only are these statues of consistently good quality, having been personally selected by Jigme Rinpoche, their prices are very reasonable, as can be seen by comparing across other sites.  Not all the statues we have in stock are shown online; be sure to ask if you are looking for something in particular.
If you wish to buy a statue from Lotus Light for consecration this fall, please select ‘Pick up at store’ when checking out, as empty shipping weight is not the same as filled. When the consecration is completed and the item is ready to be shipped, we will weigh the statue and ask you to cover shipping charges before we mail out.

Buy Statues Online

Please email Ati Ling with any questions. For enquiries about buying statues, please email Lotus Light Gifts.