Guidance for Ngondro and Deity Practice — open retreat 2024

Guidance for Ngondro and Deity Practice — open retreat 2024

Monday 15th – Thursday 18th July (empowerments Friday 19th July morning)

Want to learn more about Vajrayana deity practices in a beautiful retreat setting? Join Tromge Jigme Rinpoche for four to five days of teachings and practices as he reviews ngondro — the ‘preliminary practices’ that are foundational to Vajrayana Buddhism — and how to approach deity meditation as taught in Tibetan Buddhism.

The retreat will include teachings, practice time and the opportunity to ask questions. No prior experience is required, only a sincere interest in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva and Amitabha empowerments that are required to formally undertake ngondro accumulations will be offered on the morning of Friday 19th July from 8.30am-1pm. There is no additional charge for  retreat participants to join for these empowerments. More information about joining empowerments will be provided with the registration in May.

HOURS: 9am-9pm with morning break, lunchtime, afternoon break, dinnertime. Participants are also encouraged to do an additional early morning session Tues-Thurs guided by a senior student.

ARRIVAL: Sunday 14th July 7-9pm
DEPARTURE: Thursday 6pm or Friday lunchtime, or extend stay through Sunday 21st 5pm to also receive the full Chagdud Gonpa Daily Practices Empowerments (event requires separate registration).

REGISTRATION is required and the registration form will be posted here in May, along with suggestions for what to bring.

COST: $200 all-included — teachings; accommodations with full bedding; breakfast, lunch, light dinner. Please note that because this retreat will run concurrently with a longer one, accommodations will mostly be shared rooms or dormitories. Dorm rooms are all spacious, high-ceilinged, with many sections using space dividers for visual privacy. No bunk beds.

RETREAT CENTER For more information on doing retreat at Ati Ling, click here.

This retreat is being offered at a reduced rate from normal with the intention of helping more people connect with the precious, transformative teachings and practices of Vajrayana as taught by His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. May all beings benefit!

QUESTIONS: For all questions, please write us at