December Meditation Days with Rinpoche

December Meditation Days with Rinpoche

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd December, 2023 (single-day attendance possible)


Hoje, sábado, Rinpoche abriu comentando algumas páginas de instruções essenciais que recebeu de Khenpo Ngaga Rinpoche. Então Rinpoche discutiu como, em uma sadhana de deidade, se dedicarmos algum tempo à contemplação de cada seção e aplicarmos diferentes níveis de recitação de mantra, isso nos tornará mais fácil trazer qualquer compreensão que tivermos da prática para nossa vida diária.

No domingo, Rinpoche oferecerá mais ensinamentos pela manhã, seguidos de contemplações e acumulações novamente usando o longo texto da Tara Vermelha como base. Os participantes podem enviar perguntas para para que Rinpoche responda durante as sessões.

Today Saturday, Rinpoche opened by offering commentary on a few pages of pith instructions he had received from Khenpo Ngaga Rinpoche. Then Rinpoche discussed how in a deity sadhana if we spend some time on contemplation for each section, and apply different levels of mantra recitation, this makes it easier for us to bring whatever understanding we have of the practice into our daily life.
For Sunday, Rinpoche will offer more teachings in the morning, followed by contemplations and accumulations again using the long Red Tara text as a basis. Participants are welcome to send questions to for Rinpoche to answer during the sessions.

SATURDAY 2nd and SUNDAY 3rd Dec, 2023
Morning practice: 9.30am-1pm
Lunch: 1-2pm
Afternoon practice: 2pm-5pm


Come join Tromge Jigme Rinpoche for any or all of these: Friday evening (Santa Rosa), Saturday and Sunday days at the Padmasambhava Peace Institute. Rinpoche will offer teachings, guidance on meditation and be available for questions.

Attendance for all events is free or low cost, and no prior experience of meditation is required. Lunch at PPI (vegetarian, gluten-free) and basic beverages will be provided, free of charge for day-only attendees. There will be a small fee for overnight guests at PPI on Saturday night. All events will be streamed online and are open to the public.

Friday night — if you are coming from out of town, plan to attend the Friday night talk and then the event at PPI, please write to to discuss accommodation options.

Participants wishing to stay overnight on Saturday will be charged for breakfast, dinner and accommodations.

Children are welcome at PPI provided they have full-time adult supervision (including outside in garden or play areas as well as in the shrine-room).

The Santa Rosa and PPI shrine-room meditation sessions will also be streamed on YouTube.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required for all in person participants.

Sat & Sun Teaching Registration OPEN <<Click here to register>>

FRIDAY 1st Dec, 2023
Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa
(This is event is free of charge and open to all)

SATURDAY 2nd and SUNDAY 3rd Dec, 2023
Morning practice: 9.30am-1pm
Lunch: 1-2pm
Afternoon practice: 2pm-5pm

OVERNIGHT STAY — you can choose to stay the night at PPI if you bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and towel. There is a daily fee of $30 per day to stay in the dorms and $45 per day to stay in Tara House, and this charge includes breakfast and dinner. Overnight guests are asked to please leave their rooms and the bathroom as they found them. To view Tara House private rooms and Manzanita dorm rooms, see

WHAT TO BRING: water-bottle, back-jack if you don’t like to use cushions or a chair, warm layers including comfortable/waterproof footwear in case of wet weather. CGF daily practices if you plan to do the early morning daily practice. If you’re staying overnight, please bring a sleeping bag or whatever bedding you need, a pillow, towel, snacks and flashlight.

COVID protocols — masking in the shrine-room is optional but highly recommended, and staff will be masking. More information will be posted closer to the event.

Please note that the Padmasambhava Peace Institute does not allow smoking anywhere on the premises, and the use or possession of any kind of recreational drugs are strictly forbidden. Sorry, but we are not able to accommodate pets.

ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS: 23125 Fort Ross Road, Cazadero, CA 95421. Follow these DIRECTIONS — be aware that GPS may try to send you down some other, more challenging routes! There is ample parking at PPI.

MORE INFORMATION on doing retreat at Ati Ling

QUESTIONS? Please write to with any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We look forward to welcoming you for this event.