Online Catalog for the PPI – Ati Ling Library

Online Catalog for the PPI – Ati Ling Library

We are pleased to announce that the PPI-Ati Ling library has an online catalog, courtesy of Anyone is welcome to browse the catalog, and locals can create a patron account, place holds online, and either come to collect a book, or arrange to meet a member of staff in town to collect.

Over the years we have built up a comprehensive collection of books covering all lineages of Buddhism, including some out-of-print gems that are hard to find, as well as sections on Tibetan culture, world spiritual traditions, and health and healing. We are also finalizing the online catalog for the art, design and architecture section, which contains some very beautiful and also rare books.

Books are searchable by title, author and also tags (keywords), and detailed descriptions are provided.

Email us or phone 707 632 5629 (please do NOT just drop in) to arrange to come up and enjoy the dedicated library space, attached to our beautiful shrine room. There are also books, toys and cozy cushions to make kids of all ages comfortable while you browse or study.

And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for recommendations for yourself or a friend, and we will be happy to help!